October 16! Patti Guest on Martha & Snoops Potluck Dinner Party VH1

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  1. Dennis Dennis Shook

    Go Martha and Snoop, it’s your birthdays. You’re gonna party like it’s your birthdays. You’re gonna sip white sangria like it’s your birthdays. And then you’ll hang with Patti LaBelle ’cause it’s your birthday!
    Are you excited for Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party Season 2? Much like the delicious food these famous besties are whipping up this season, we want to give you a taste of what you expect. In this preview of Martha & Snoop, you’ve got a little bit of everything: Snoop and Martha jumping out of a cake like culinary strippers (minus the stripping), Martha serving up cocktails, Snoop opening his birthday gifts with the excitement of a toddler on Christmas, and Patti Freakin’ LaBelle.

    That wasn’t enough for you? Make sure you tune in on October 16th at 10/9c for the full episode!


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