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    At 71, Patti LaBelle is still a diva in demand. The singer, actress and budding culinary mogul will perform at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall on Sunday, with a performance she promises will be "very unpredictable." She called in from her Wynnewood, Pennsylvania home on Tuesday to talk about her upcoming album, her "Empire" role and what she took away from "Dancing with the Stars."

    Tell us about the jazz album you're working on.

    Patti LaBelle: That's done, actually. They're just beautiful songs. I think I did 13. By Nina Simone, "Wild is the Wind," two other Nina songs. I did a Lainie Kazan song. They're songs that are not redundant, you don't repeat many lines, after you say it once, you won't hear it again in the song.

    When can we look for that one?

    PL: That's what I don't know. I'm hoping, before the year is out.

    "Empire" comes back to TV next week. Are we going to be seeing some more of you after your finale appearance last season?

    PL: Not on this one, because Lee (Daniels) has finished filming. But he didn't kill Patti LaBelle. She'll return. Can't return on "(American) Horror Story" because they did kill me. I'll be back on "Empire."

    How did you get the call to make that first appearance? Did you know the show was going to be such a big hit?

    PL: I'm very good friends with (co-creator) Lee Daniels and he called me about the second week, the second episode was going to air. He called me and said, "Lala," he calls me Lala, "I'm in Philly, I have a dentist appointment, and I want to come over and I want to eat dinner." And so I made him dinner, he came over and I wanted him to leave so I could watch the episode. He said, "No, I'm not leaving now, not going (on) the train to New York until we watch it together."

    And we watched together and he said to me, "What part would you like to play?" I said, "I would like to play any part except the part of someone who's gonna die. I've been killed off in 'Horror Story,' I want to live on this show." He first said, before he said that to me, that he wanted me to play an angel. I said, "What does that mean? I can't come back!" He came back with the idea of me just being myself. And you know, he's my good, good buddy. So I'm so proud of him and happy.

    You had a nice run on "Dancing with the Stars" this year as well. Are you bringing those moves to your concerts?

    PL: Honey, I had those moves before "Dancing" (laughs). So I'm still doing the same thing that I was doing before in my live shows. Just moving. I'm not a dancer. I'm a spirit mover. But on that, you had to be totally conscious of choreography in that one minute live every Monday night, so you concentrated. On stage, I don't concentrate, I just move.

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